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I Gaurav Bhagat, started my career in sales, founding the gifting company Consortium Gifts. In the last 19 years, Consortium Gifts has become one of the most respected and innovative companies in the business and in 2017, was invited to join the prestigious global gifting body IGC International, that chooses only one company per country. An organization built purely on sales.

Consortium Gifts has clients that includes some of the biggest names in the world. I am on the Knowledge Management Committee of IGC International and I am also a Director Consultant at Business Network International Gurgaon, one of the leading regions of the world’s largest networking group. Being an integral part of the training team, where they bring in some of the largest contingents for BNI trainings in the world. Some of the training sessions have more than 300 business owners from the National Capital Region coming in to learn how to be more effective members, networkers and business owners.

The level of engagement at the trainings has led to BNI Gurgaon bringing in some of the largest numbers at any training anywhere across the 46 cities in which BNI India operates.

Gaurav Bhagat, 44, believes that everyone came into this world with a purpose and every action he takes is towards his” WHY” …To HELP 100,000 Business owners add and create 100 jobs each also help 900,000 working professionals + graduating student live the 10x life.

It was with this very goal that Gaurav and Grant Cardone got into discussions in early 2018 towards taking Grant’s content, technology and systems to the people of India. Sales was the need of the hour and organizations big and small struggled to get their teams and organizations aligned towards achieving their goals.

Gaurav & the GBA team have worked on creating several powerful programs that would ensure millions of people around the region would be empowered to lead a life of success and great fortune. Team GBA believes it is time to give back and share all that we’ve learnt over the years and bring out the best in sales professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders around the World.


It was when he was just 16, that Gaurav Bhagat (GB) created the stock market board game and launched it across toy shops in his own brand. Subsequently, Leo toys, one of India’s most renowned toy companies bought the rights and sold over 30,000 units of the same.

GB started his company at the age of 19 as the sole employee over the years and he built one of India’s most respected and innovative gifting and promotional companies operating 7 offices and employing close to 100 people.

He also created and published his Smashed, Bashed yet not Dashed 1st Podcast Series this 23rd August 2020. The episodes are available on Spotify, Stitcher and soon will be available on few more platforms.

GB created 11 board games that includes Squawk, Independence Day, ACE Reporter and others. His “wrestling inspired” card game was a winner and started a rage in 1992.

Gaurav has been a member in CII for 6 years and has is also elected to the state council and serving on several regional committees of CII.

Under Gaurav, Consortium Gifts also got picked as the only company to be a part of IGC Global promotions from India. IGC is an organization that chooses only one gifting company per country and has 46 members doing business worth nearly $1 billion. GB is also on the Knowledge Management Committee of IGC and creates and delivers content in that forum.

Gaurav's journey in training and mentorship started in BNI Gurgaon, where over the course of five years he went education coordinator at a chapter level to become the regions lead education coordinator. GB’s slots were unlike anything seen before and won accolades even from global veterans of BNI.

At present under Gaurav’s leadership, Consortium Gifts Private Limited, is one of the most highly regarded and respected gifting companies in Asia, with offices in 7 Indian cities and over 400 clients in the Delhi/NCR Region alone.

GB is a 9 year member of BNI excellence, which is one of BNI North India largest and most successful chapters. Gaurav has helped multiple leadership positions at BNI Excellence and is also a Director consultant at BNI Gurgaon supporting four chapters.

GB’s first book “Smashed, Bashed, yet not Dashed” is launched under the Success Gyan Banner. It features 10 real-life lessons on how perseverance can bring success for each and every one of its readers. Apart from some engaging stories from his life, the book also features some inspirational stories from the lives of some very renowned personalities. The book is expected to be out in November 2020.

The very first Big break came in December 1999 where his company Consortium Gifts Private Limited bagged a contract with Maruti Suzuki to supply 20,000 jigsaw puzzles for Auto expo 2000 in 7 days. From that point on, the incredible journey of Consortium Gifts Pvt. Ltd. began and an order from Compaq, more from Maruti, followed it up with Touchtel.

Gaurav became one of the key members of the regional training team and his day long sessions with over 300 entrepreneurs in the NCR were termed as thought provoking and game Changing and have inspired countless entrepreneurs to implement learnings in their organizations that have benefited them immensely, taking them to greater heights.

In Feb 2018, Gaurav met Grant Cardone (GC) and took Grant’s license and became the first Grant Cardone licensee not only in India but also in Asia. This gave way to the creation of the “Gaurav Bhagat Academy” or GBA in October 2018. GBA is a Sales and Business mentorship institution that is set to change the way sales is perceived in India.




Every program given by Gaurav is amazingly crafted for any business owner who wants to scale his business. The programs are highly recommended, because it provides you and equips you with all the tools and strategies like leadership, building a solid sales and most importantly the WHY.
Deepak Srivastava Founder & Director of AIW Media Pvt Ltd
Gaurav actually reaffirmed a lot of ideas, what I should do about my life, how I should manage my business and a lots more. In fact, I implemented things which he told me to organize my business and it really helped me. Thank you Gaurav.
Amit Bagga Daryaganj Hospitality
As GB says, if you have to go far, go together. So, I would say that in this tough times, when business has gone down and you don’t know how to scale up, this is the platform. If you feel, you are stuck somewhere and you don’t know where to go ahead in life and in business you must connect with GB.
Payal Agarwal Owner at Tranquility
I highly recommend everyone to join the programs conducted by GB, people who want to run their life efficiently and take the stress away from your life, must connect with GB.
Tarun Narang Owner Export House / Exporting Garments
Gaurav’s power packed interactive sessions are extremely motivating and he is extremely knowledgeable on sales. Gaurav is a treat to hear.
Madhu Sanon QC International India (25 years old, footwear sourcing company)
I urge you all to grab this opportunity to learn from Gaurav’s immense knowledge and experience which he shares in a very engaging and interactive manner. It’s a healthy dose of introspection.
Ankur Owner at Grasshoper Media/ Digital Video Production service company


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