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What does it take to develop a winning sales culture?

Take a long hard look at the best sales teams. What do you observe? You need to look past the smug faces and the palpable energy on the floor and realize that the best sales teams get better at their craft every single day. How does this happen? It all starts at the individual level when a salesperson makes his/her first sales call or should we say cold call.

At some point in your career, you will be required to call someone you don’t know in order to get something that you really want. With your phone game on, you will become more confident, have higher levels of activity, and in the process increase your bank balance.

When you call someone for business solicitation, to customers who are not anticipating such an interaction, it’s called the cold calling technique. Cold calling is just the tip of the iceberg, there are more tips and tricks at the back that are shared by one of the top sales trainers in India.

#1 Be Proud of your work and your profile

Nothing will happen without salespeople. They are the backbone of economies that don’t move up a notch until something is sold. Dress like you are proud of your work and wear infectious positivity on your sleeve when you interact with potential customers.

The energy and optimism that you bring to the table will impact the people you sell to as well as your peers. Do your part to combat the taboos associated with sales and salespeople with immense respect for yourself, your trade, and those you interact with.

#2 Present your proposal in writing

Most of the customers you’ll meet won’t believe a thing you say at face value. They will believe in what they see. Always make sure that you have a contract available and a notepad. Any notes or points of value should find mention in the written word and shown to the customers.

Customers are visual learners. Being able to see your proposal in writing is reassuring to them. Now that we are living in the digital world, you can keep it simple with a nicely made video or a digital document. You can also make digital contracts for making your sales pitch truly professional.

#3 Make your sales offering worth double the investment!

If your sales offering is valued at X, make sure that you double that value through its demonstration. Customers only spend that much when they believe they’re getting something of value in excess of what they’re spending. Make your presentation irresistible so that people would truly believe in it and buy.

A professional and engaging presentation increases the value of your sales offering because it demonstrates the professionalism of your brand and the reliability of your service. You need to help your customers visualize the impact your product/service will have on their life and not just their wallets.

#4 Treat Prospects like Buyers

Irrespective if the circumstances, whether the prospect has no money, is not the decision-maker, doesn’t have the budget, still always treat like he/she is a buyer. The concept is – every buyer is a buyer. Treat them like one and they will turn into a customer soon enough.

Always keep a positive attitude about your prospects, and never disqualify someone as a buyer before putting in a lot of effort with them.

#5 Stick to your Committed Goals

Never ever reduce a committed target. Instead, increase your actions and efforts to meet those targets. When you start to rethink your target and makeup excuses, you have begun to give up on your dreams and your ambition

Almost everybody has a general goal in life, but unfortunately, most of those goals go unrealized because we don’t write them down, articulate them, or commit to them adequately.

Everyone in sales should focus on specific goals, establish timelines for them, and always look for ways to improve in order to reach them.


You have got a big chunk of ideas from the above pointers, but if you need more than that, you’re gonna have to make consistent efforts.

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