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The majority of companies understand how crucial sales training is in today’s cutthroat business environment. How are you doing? The secret to success is taking the advantage and winning the contest.


Only the greatest Sales Training in Pune will make this effort simple and efficient. Fortunately, you are in the appropriate location. GAURAV BHAGAT ACADEMY offers custom training in Pune that better meet your needs. Your sales staff should be encouraged to grin. This enables them to greet consumers with a warm grin that emanates from their hearts. Through engaging exercises that prevent boredom, Our Corporate Training Programmes are meant to improve the sales and communication skills of the salespeople. In order for the salesmen to work as a team to generate sales, it fosters their relationship.


We are aware that there are other businesses that provide you Sales Training Programmes than ours. There are numerous businesses that offer the courses. However, sales training courses and programmes are not graded tests like in a university. The outcomes from the sales staff, not simply the classes, are what you need. Our Sales and Marketing courses in Pune aim to teach more than simply the newest sales tactics and methods to the sales staff. but rather to offer some in-the-moment practical lessons that prepare them for sales and enable them to produce the genuine outcomes.

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Gaurav Bhagat or GB as he’s often called is India’s 10X Guy. He runs one of the country’s premier sales training and scaling institutions called the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. A solution finder who gets things done, he believes in simplifying things and carries the dual designation of Chief Simplification Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at the companies he runs. He comes in with a mindset to help, a mindset of value creation and helping others achieve more. If you seek a solution, he can put you on the path to finding it, without it being complex, tedious and time-consuming. He just sees the gaps and helps plug them. Sales has always been GB’s forte and he’s been selling since he was 6 and is trained by his mentor, the world’s best sales coach, Grant Cardone. GB is also Grant Cardone’s licensee in India and the only trainer in India authorized to teach sales the 10X Grant Cardone way and the content is specially optimized for Indian audiences by him.

GB’s mission is to take the 10X standard to the world and help companies make more sales along the way. His why is to help 1000 organizations add or create 100 crores in additional annual revenue and also help 900,000 working professionals live the 10X life by the 15th of May 2025.


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Our vision is to become Asia’s largest sales training and business mentorship academy helping 100,000 businesses and business owners adding and creating 100 jobs each taking 900,000 working professionals and graduating students and helping them live the 10X life. A life without limitations. All of this by the 15th of May 2025. Our mission is to offer the best training, coaching and programs to empower our participants to be the ultimate version of themselves.


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