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Gaurav Bhagat Academy is one of the finest skill development training program companies that is committed to providing organizational excellence through development and delivery of practical soft skills training programs and quality business consulting services. We provide corporate training and performance enhancement solutions in several areas for professionals, business owners, Entrepreneurs and graduating students. GBA is poised to respond to business and development challenges by providing an advanced package of presentation, skills training, sales training, project management, time management training, communication skills training, personality development training, life skills training and other employee training solutions to help organizations on the journey to excellence. Our each interactive session encourages full participation in the learning process skill development program.

How Our Skill Development Program Can Help Your Business?

  • Improved performance – Due to the lack of development opportunities, there are a lot of people who feel they haven’t reached their potential. Hence, here at our corporate training program, we address both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Increased profits – Some companies encourage their employees for training to develop and nourish their skills. It is a known fact that the higher the efficiency, the higher will be the revenue.
  • Company reputation – It is indeed very important to build a strong brand identity. Hence, the right kind of training and development tend to show more success and growth.
  • Increased Efficiency – Employees are good at their job and they are better at completing deadlines and doing the work proficiently which helps in employees’ enthusiasm and overall increased productivity.

Our Programs that Help You Be 10X In Everything You Do

10X Sales Online Program

  • At GBA, the 10X Sales Online Course is co-curated with Grant Cardone’s content, and Gaurav Bhagat (GB) will deliver to you the proven strategies via this course using a combination of technology and role-plays.

In SWGB online course you will learn

  • The leadership traits of Billionaires and how you can start implementing them too.
  • The power of building your brand first.
  • Time management tools that will ensure you eliminate the word busy from your life.
  • Money management and sources for taking your business to the next level.
  • And so much more
    All our courses help you develop your skills and be 10X.

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Meet Our Coach

Gaurav Bhagat or GB as he’s often called is India’s 10X Guy. He runs one of the country’s premier sales training and scaling institutions called the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. A solution finder who gets things done, he believes in simplifying things and carries the dual designation of Chief Simplification Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at the companies he runs. He comes in with a mindset to help, a mindset of value creation and helping others achieve more. If you seek a solution, he can put you on the path to finding it, without it being complex, tedious and time-consuming. He just sees the gaps and helps plug them. Sales has always been GB’s forte and he’s been selling since he was 6 and is trained by his mentor, the world’s best sales coach, Grant Cardone. GB is also Grant Cardone’s licensee in India and the only trainer in India authorized to teach sales the 10X Grant Cardone way and the content is specially optimized for Indian audiences by him.

GB’s mission is to take the 10X standard to the world and help companies make more sales along the way. His why is to help 1000 organizations add or create 100 crores in additional annual revenue and also help 900,000 working professionals live the 10X life by the 15th of May 2025.

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Some Interesting Facts about GB

  • GB is a part of Taki Moore’s Black Belt Program for million $ coaches.
  • He is getting licensed in Behavioral Design by BJ and Linda Fogg.
  • GB is also a part of Richard Dolan’s chosen 25 in his inaugural mastery program.
  • He has a keen interest in Golf.
  • GB loves playing Texas HOLDEM around the world.
  • GB will start the Karan Singh cancer foundation and have funded the treatment of 10 cancer patients simultaneously and consistently over the last 8 years. Contributions will come from his own businesses and his own money only. 13th of Feb 2025 is the date for hitting the 200 number.
  • GB went to the Lawrence school Sanawar and hence “Never Give In” is his motto.
  • The stock market is surely GB’s thing. He created the stock market board game when he was 16 and sold 50K games in under a year.
  • Gaurav is the Managing director at Consortium Gifts Pvt Ltd. GB started his company at the age of 19 as the sole employee over the years and he built one of India’s most respected and innovative gifting and promotional companies operating 7 offices and employing close to 100 people.
  • He is also a proud BNI member for 9 years and a director consultant for BNI Gurgaon. One of India’s most celebrated and awarded regions.
  • GB is also a Podcaster. He also created and published his Smashed, Bashed yet not Dashed 1st Podcast Series this 23rd August 2020. The episodes are available on Spotify, Stitcher and soon will be available on few more platforms.

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