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GB's Monthly Mentor Program Today

Date: 14th Feb & 28th Feb | Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  



Here’s a question to ask yourself…What’s holding you back or stopping you from being a 10Xer?

Connect with Gaurav Bhagat (GB), at the Monthly Mentor Program and remove any barriers.

 This is one of the best programs designed by GB. It will help you claim your lives back with absolutely amazing tools, proven strategies and knowledge that you need to get your productivity back on track.

 There is a host of things that holds us from achieving our true potential. It’s not necessarily your cell phone or your computer, but it’s harming us and stopping us from enjoying the lives we should have.

So, let’s get together with GB on the Mentor Program where you will be provided with various ways to identify your triggers and claim your life back. This is a bi-monthly call, bringing to the table like-minded, positive people to not just learn about a new topic, but also how to implement it within their organizations.

We dive deep into each topic, practice, review, and work together to bring out the best. This extremely cost-effective program is limited to only a hundred people from different industries & sectors who engage, gain, learn & experience the most dynamic things from each other. 


Reserve your two Monday's of each month withus for wonderful learnings

More knowledge , More trainers , More wins for a little More Money


Building a 10X Memory


Working with 10X Focus

This September at GBA’s Monthly Mentor Program we will discuss 👉 How to write a book to build your brand and credibility.

Date: 2nd and 4th Monday (14th Feb & 28th Feb)
Time: 7:00 PM

Session 1:

  • Finding your objective.
  • Planning the book.
  • Identifying your topic.
  • Identifying your target market.
  • The title … making it catchy.
  • The chapters.
  • The framework and the guidelines.
  • How to go about writing it.

Session 2:

  • Evaluating your templates.
  • What happens next.
  • Publishing and promoting options.
  • Marketing the book.
  • Building your brand.  
  • What to do next.

12 topics of the last 12 months and then say you ain’t seen nothing yet

  • How to manage remote teams.
  • Overcoming distractions.
  • Managing stress with Doctor Randazzo.
  • Building the perfect webinar.
  • Demystifying Podcasting.
  • Building a strong 2021.
  • Writing killer copy.
  • Supercharging your brain.
  • Digital Marketing Demystified.
  • Behaviour Change through tiny habits.
  • How to fill your sales funnel.
  • Finding Your Niche.

Program Include


Exclusive Networking Community

Exclusive Strategies & Tactics

Amazing Tools

Full lifetime access

Certificate of Completion

Live Q&A

Daily Support

Access on Laptop and Mobile


Guest Speakers

In Depth Discussions will be held on...

Who Should Attend this Program?




Price For Annual Plan

Rs. 36,000 / Per Person

Price For Monthly plan

Rs.4000 / Per Person

We work with some of the biggest companies

About Gaurav Bhagat

Gaurav Bhagat or GB as he’s often called is India’s 10X Guy. He runs one of the country’s premier sales training and scaling institutions called the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. A solution finder who gets things done, he believes in simplifying things and carries the dual designation of Chief Simplification Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at the companies he runs. He comes in with a mindset to help, a mindset of value creation and helping others achieve more. If you seek a solution, he can put you on the path to finding it, without it being complex, tedious and time-consuming. He just sees the gaps and helps plug them. Sales has always been GB’s forte and he’s been selling since he was 6 and is trained by his mentor, the world’s best sales coach, Grant Cardone. GB is also Grant Cardone’s licensee in India and the only trainer in India authorized to teach sales the 10X Grant Cardone way and the content is specially optimized for Indian audiences by him.

GB’s mission is to take the 10X standard to the world and help companies make more sales along the way. His why is to help 1000 organizations add or create 100 crores in additional annual revenue and also help 900,000 working professionals live the 10X life by the 15th of May 2025.


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