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The secret to going from $10 to $200 million is really simple – Consistency

This mantra is for people who are eyeing success and want it fast.

All highly successful professionals that work at the top of their field and have made themselves masters are consistent.

  • If you ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, how to build a perfect body, the answer would be consistency.
  • If you ask Serena Williams, how to ace tennis, the answer would be consistency.
  • If you ask Warren Buffett, how to join the ranks of greatest businessmen, the answer would be consistency.

The masters do the same over and over again! They are persistent and consistent with whatever they do to succeed.

The same holds true for salespeople too! You might hit times of difficulty, opposition or failure but the only way to conquer this is to persist and move ahead.

Even if you achieve initial success, you must keep adding wood to the fire because you cannot simply rest on past laurels if you want consistent growth in the future.

For small businesses that are aiming to reach the top spot; for individual salespeople who are aiming to close every sales deal, your key is consistency and persistence.

Consistency builds discipline, and disciplined actions that are done consistently, create success.

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