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Many organizations feel sales training is an added expense rather than an investment. The truth is those who invest in the right kind of sales training will see revenues explode and get a satisfactory return on it.“Sales training generates sales. If you want more sales, it’s time to start training.” – Grant CardoneSales training will always help you rake in higher net sales per staff member and higher gross profits per employee. Great training makes a positive impact on an organization’s revenue, depending upon the industry and domains.

In fact, a major chunk of sales managers believes that a lack of fresh ideas and relevant training material is what keeps the sales teams engaged. 80% of them say that they do not have time to train their staff.

For sales training programs to be effective, ut should get your people excited, and it has to be available whenever the need arises. In this digital age, you have no time to wait around for the information you need when you have a cell phone and access to all of the world’s data.

While sales seminars, consultants and training meetings are definitely valuable resources, when it is over, you need online sales training to support the team. Subsequently, you must follow up your online sales training with the ability to access solutions during the sales process to actually help in closing the deals. These are the components of a winning sales training program.

Gaurav Bhagat Academy being one of the official licensees of Grant Cardone’s content in India can help you devise sales solutions that can cater to distinct business verticals. Here’s what we advocate:

  • Make daily sales training a part of company culture
  • Make training sessions interactive
  • Create training content that results in sales
  • Make your sales training measurable

Regardless if the training you go with, provide useful and actionable content to your salespeople every day and witness an average increase in sales production of 5 percent per person.

If you believe your people could be more effective at sales, follow up, prospecting for new customers, negotiating contracts, closing the sale, handling sales calls and converting Internet leads, you have to look at new platforms and technologies to provide relevant sales training on a daily basis.

The 10X Bootcamp conducted under the able sales leadership of Gaurav Bhagat is aimed at a straight-shooting and empowering motivational approach that guides you through all your business problems. Remember, while persistence and resolute belief are key, follow up is the secret to better sales and growth.