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Sales Superstar - Grow 10X with Gaurav Bhagat Academy

Now for the first time in India, the creator of the 10X Movement and World’s No. 1 Sales Trainer, Grant Cardone’s world renowned Sales and Entrepreneurship Training Programs will be brought to sales professionals, start-ups, business owners and established businesses by the Gaurav Bhagat Academy so that they can blueprint their 10X growth.

When it comes to helping businesses in other countries, Grant Cardone chooses the best institutions that can deliver at Cardone standards, and this is where Gaurav Bhagat Academy has been appointed as Grand Cardone’s authorized licensee for India.   An institution led by none other than Gaurav Bhagat, an accomplished entrepreneur and master trainer, who started with only an INR 10,000 loan on credit card and grew his company to become the top corporate gifting company in India, one of the best in Asia and the only one from India to join the prestigious global gifting body IGC International, The Gaurav Bhagat Academy aims to become Asia’s premier sales training and business mentorship academy. Gaurav and his team have also trained with the team at Cardone Training for over a year.

With Grant Cardone’s content leading the sales industry for the last 35 years, participants benefit from knowledge to power their personal brand, grow their business globally, build stronger client relationships and effectively drive new business development. This isn’t about inspiration or motivation, but instead a day to day process defined by the industry’s best, guiding how to maximize returns and drive exponential business growth! It’s about changing the entire mindset to achieve 10X results in everything you do.

A common challenge most businesses face today is the inability to achieve and sustain a good revenue generating model. The training answers these “How?” questions by giving a breakdown on the specific reasons for failure on revenue generation and blueprint answers on how to develop a consistently growing revenue model.

By opting for courses at Gaurav Bhagat Academy, participants will be leveraging Cardone’s course materials and guided by stalwarts in sales & entrepreneurship domains enabling them to take charge of their businesses and see unforeseen successes.

The first course being offered, the “Sales Superstar Program” launching this 15th of October 2018 is a three-month comprehensive training program with content co-curated by Grant Cardone and Gaurav, and would help business owners, sales professionals, startups, first timers in Sales or anyone with the “Sales bug” achieve exponential growth in their careers and personal lives. This course is spread over 12 weeks and aims at having learners understand selling, know the 10X rule, being a professional in the field and a lot more! This learning experience is enhanced through role plays, case studies and introspection to help a student gain the most from his learning experience.

The second course, “Building Brilliant Businesses” is a three-month course has been specifically designed for businesses who are looking to venture into new markets and expand their horizons. With handpicked modules covering Grant Cardone’s $10,000 Business Boot Camp module, Grant Cardone’s sales mastery session and a lot more, a business is fated to gain knowledge on the end to end process of running a successful venture. From Sales – Time management – Financial Investment Management – Branding – Human Resources – to the world of Digital marketing, any business would have the confidence to take next step and be sure to also see a growth in their income as well.

The date for commencement of this course will be announced soon!

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