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Components of a Successful Sales Training Program in 2023
Sales training can give salespeople everything they need to hone their skills, succeed and increase their results 10X. Proper sales training is important for a number of reasons.

One of the big misconceptions of a lot of organizations in India and around the world is that salespeople can learn the nuances of selling on the job. Too many salespeople are sent out into the market with unrealistic expectations and inadequate training and it’s almost like lambs on their way to the slaughterhouse.  If there is one thing that stands out for me in the post-pandemic world, it’s the need to have well-trained salespeople that know what they’re doing. 

The main components for a quality training program should be:
• A success record:
Does the training, the trainer, and its past participants have something to show in terms of past successes or is it just good Facebook ad placement that gets theme attention. The best training programs will have years of experience backing it up and a lot of success stories.

• Real-world insights: Things operate very differently in the real world as compared to something taught in a classroom or in books. A good sales training program will not only take into consideration real-world situations but will also be fluid and adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic scenario like the pandemic and more.  Many concepts that were written even a few years ago are less relevant and possibly a waste of time and money. 

• Intention and Why:  As Simon Sinek would say, “Always start with Why” Before investing in a program always check with what is the organization’s “why”. If there is one thing that is most rampant in the world today, that is a trust deficit, and only because too many people have been led up the garden path, when it comes to enablement, improvement, and growth. The only thing that’s growing is the frustration of people going from trainer to trainer and not getting any results.

• An eco-system of success:  One of the biggest things that will make a difference to the lives of participants is a follow-up system and offering a way of staying in touch. Apps, helpdesks, support groups are all great ways of doing this and very few training companies actually do this.

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