Best Sales Strategies For Closing Automotive Sales Deals

The cost of not closing a deal

When you are in the automotive industry at times it gets difficult to close the deal, you first lose your confidence and belief. Your mood becomes visibly depressed. Have you ever witnessed a salesperson repeatedly lose deals? As a result, you begin to dislike your job. The quest begins to lose its meaning for you. Instead of focusing on the success that comes with closing a deal with a client who wants to buy any car or any automobile for that matter, attention gets stuck on losses and failures.

A transaction can take two hours. Depending on how long your sales cycle is, you might spend two weeks, two months, or even two years. For some reason, you didn’t close the deal when you had them at the negotiating table. How did it happen? Do you know how much it costs not to close? As soon as you fully understood the cost to you, your company, and them, you would say, “Hey, I have to learn how to finish this deal”. There was no closing for the prospect. Deliver your product to their hands.

What should happen now? Everything must be restarted. They must continue. You must continue. It is unnecessary to follow up to get them back in. You have an incomplete cycle and another incomplete cycle. Do you understand what I mean? Another task was left unfinished. Like the lawn, you didn’t get around to mowing this weekend.

You haven’t finished your paperwork. The mail you didn’t deliver. Unfinished cycles cause people to lose their power and ability to complete tasks. The close is all about getting things done. You want to complete action cycles. Now you have another client to get back in front of, to go through the entire presentation, and then close when we could have learned how to do it today.

It is not beneficial to your customer if you do not close a deal being a salesperson: Do you understand? They do not understand your product or service. They’re not interested in your business. They don’t have the opportunity to rally behind whatever you’re presenting to them, so they lose. What happens if you remove the letter, then the first letter of the word closes? If you remove the C, you get L-O-S-E, which means “loss.” It is entirely up to you whether or not to close. If you can’t close others on your ideas, dreams, proposition, or offer, you lose, they lose, the company loses, and the economy as a whole loses.)

The harsh, cold, and harsh reality is that if you don’t close, everyone loses! You give up something when you don’t close on your proposal. You abandon what you believed in and settle for someone else’s proposal. Do you get it? A close call occurred, but it was the wrong one.

So, I want you to become acquainted with the cost of the no close. It’s massive to you, and if you haven’t assessed what it is, you have no idea how it’s affecting you. I want you to take a moment right now to calculate the cost of not closing one deal per month or one deal per year.

A week, or how often do you not close? Is it once a day, once a week, once a month, or once a year?

only once a year? I’d like you to include the cost of not closing that transaction.

There is a real, measurable cost to failing to close. There is no greater cost to an individual, yourself, or the company than the inability to actually close others on your products, services, ideas, and dreams. You will not receive a return if you do not close a deal.

What Types of Training Programs Gaurav Bhagat Academy Provides

Types of Training Programs GBA Provides

The goal of the Gaurav Bhagat Academy is to empower, inspire, and 10X all of our collaborators in ways they have never seen before. In the best methods imaginable, we are here to 10X Your Business, Your Life, and Your Money. We haven’t let anyone down that we’ve worked with or trained in the last three years.

We offer variety of trainings such as Online Sales Training, Offline Sales Training, Management Training, Corporate Training, Sales Training, Company Employees Training, Sales Team trainings we even specialise in customized training as per your business and industry.


Business Sales Training Programs

Sales Training Program For Automotive Industry

Sales Training Program For Manufacturing Industry

Sales Training Program For Administrative and Management

Sales Training Program For Health Pharmaceutical Sector

Sales Training Program For Retail Sector

Sales Training Program For Banking and Financial Sector

Sales Training Program For Insurance Sector

Our Training Programmes cover every stage of the Sales process. From managing objections and moving past no to real-time role plays, everything is thoroughly covered to provide you the best experience.

With the Best Online Sales Training, we help professionals and executives all over the world by offering step-by-step guidance on prospecting, money management, selling techniques, negotiation, sales management, and leadership.

At GBA we not only provide trainings for corporate but also we are dedicated to giving each graduating student the best training opportunities possible so they can learn, grow, acquire new skills, and become better versions of themselves. If you’re a student about to graduate, you can select training programmes for college grads to pick up new skills that will help you realise your dreams.

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Why Sales Training is Important?

gaurav bhagat

In the current extremely lucrative business market, if you are looking for the best online sales training to have an edge over the competition, then you must approach Gaurav Bhagat Academy.

A strong sales team is very important for any company to ensure that they stay one step ahead. There are companies that are now investing in various important sales training and improvement strategies.

As we all know, effective sales training is the key to enhance and help your sales team reach your company goals like never before.

To ensure consistent growth best online sales training program is very important for these reasons:

Improving communication skills

If you want to possess well-rounded communication skills, then best sales training is extremely important.  The training should involve learning how to effectively communicate with all types of personalities. You can go ahead for best sales training course taught at our Gaurav Bhagat Academy.

Learn perfect Sales Methodology

Trainees should learn how to look for the various signals that indicate the prospect is ready to buy.

Overcoming Objections

Sales training can teach salespeople how to handle objections as well as techniques for overcoming them with the effective role-play and skills.

You can invest in the right sales training program offered by Gaurav Bhagat academy. We provide effective sales training programs to help you increase your revenue by elevating your value and enhancing your sales force.

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Importance of investing in Sales Training Program

10x sales online program

Investing in the sales training program is extremely important. It helps build a strong sales team that is enormously significant to help companies stay ahead of the game. 

You can improve your sales team and make selling more efficient and effective with the best online investing courses. 

Here at Gaurav Bhagat Academy, we give you all the strategies that Grant Cardone (World’s Number 1 Sales Trainer) employs for years to increase his returns and positive cash flow. Along with Cardone’s top sales secrets and amazing content, we offer the most practical, challenging, and globally valued certification and training programs for investment professionals.

 Why should you invest in our Training Program?

  • You want to add measurable value to your income
  • You need practical tips and proven, real-life tactics to maximize the value of your company
  • Get a proven plan to articulate your shareholder value and engage the right investors.
  • Your reputation and long term success are on the line.

Incorporate our Sales Training for your investment in Your Growth Strategy

Growth always has and will always be a part of any organization’s objectives. To ensure consistent growth, the training program for investment is very important.

Why Sales Training is the best idea to invest for?

  • To increase your sales figures
  • Increase your skillset
  • Increase your ideas base
  • Increase your confidence
  • Increase motivation
  • Increased retention of staff
  • Increase in team strength
  • Increase inefficiency
  • Much more

Motivate your Sales Teams to Perform Better with Sales Superstar Program by GBA

Are you on pace for your present sales targets?

What if you could increase your sales by 100%?

Motivation is much more than simply Tony Robbins quotes and in team-building hustles! It is one of the most important components of sustainable sales successes over time. As one of the popular sayings:

“You are only as strong as your weakest link.”

If anyone in your team is under-performing or struggling, then sooner or later the entire organization will get afflicted. You can only be as successful as the individuals with whom you work and associate. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what position you hold, whether you are leading the group or belong to one, your success is influenced by the ability of those around you.

The above points to the fact that an organization can only succeed as much as the sales teams are motivated to deliver their best. As a sales manager or director, you can only influence your sales team to perform in two dimensions:

  • Their skillset (what they do)
  • Their motivation (how passionate they are about their work)

Improving your team’s skill set is an objective performance. By evaluating the present performance metrics and comparing them to a certain model of success, you can diagnose which areas need improvement and act accordingly.

But motivation is a tad harder to achieve. Not only there are many external factors into play, but it also needs a diverse set of incentives and motivational tactics.

Sales Superstar Program

Sales managers often go to great lengths to motivate their teams. From the huge kick off meetings, great trips, and attractive commissions. Still, however, these incentives also cannot resolve the problem of motivation.

You may want everyone on your team winning and improving because this is likely to improve your sales game. For this reason, you always want to do everything you can to bring the rest of the team to higher levels.

Sales teams are mostly expected to learn on the job and sent to the field with little or no training and the majority of the time are expected to deliver miracles! Most of the time this does not happen and they are replaced by another bunch who get sucked in the same vicious circle of unrealistic expectations and no training. Sometimes, it so happens that the company finds that one elusive star salesperson who drives up the numbers while the rest of the team is forced to languish in the background.

Do you want an explosive and complete guideline of sales basics, techniques, and strategies that will give you a full education of professional sales in today’s market?

The Sales Superstar Program at Gaurav Bhagat Academy offers an exclusive three-month training program that contains curated content that drives exponential growth and business development.

Who Can Benefit?

If you are a part of the sales team, rely on networking to gain new business opportunities or are simply looking to improve sales numbers, this program is for you.

  • Business owners who are looking to improve the number and quality of business leads
  • Professionals who are thinking of getting into a full-time business.
  • Business development heads who are looking to motivate their sales teams to drive up numbers.
  • Sales professionals who are looking to 10X their sales.
  • Startups who are looking to expand their business operations with the power of great selling.

Powered by Grant Cardone’s biggest sales secrets that can help you scale new heights for your business, the Sales Superstar Program at Gaurav Bhagat Academy will help you rise up and above the ordinary.

Train daily, motivate daily and provide solutions in ‘real time’ when people need them. Go beyond merely being in business… START SELLING!


The secret to going from $10 to $200 million is really simple – Consistency

This mantra is for people who are eyeing success and want it fast.

All highly successful professionals that work at the top of their field and have made themselves masters are consistent.

  • If you ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, how to build a perfect body, the answer would be consistency.
  • If you ask Serena Williams, how to ace tennis, the answer would be consistency.
  • If you ask Warren Buffett, how to join the ranks of greatest businessmen, the answer would be consistency.

The masters do the same over and over again! They are persistent and consistent with whatever they do to succeed.

The same holds true for salespeople too! You might hit times of difficulty, opposition or failure but the only way to conquer this is to persist and move ahead.

Even if you achieve initial success, you must keep adding wood to the fire because you cannot simply rest on past laurels if you want consistent growth in the future.

For small businesses that are aiming to reach the top spot; for individual salespeople who are aiming to close every sales deal, your key is consistency and persistence.

Consistency builds discipline, and disciplined actions that are done consistently, create success.

At Gaurav Bhagat Academy, you can get the best sales training assistance that can make your dreams a reality. With exclusive programs powered by Grant Cardone – the world’s no. 1 sales trainer and bestselling author, participants can benefit from these programs and power their brands, grow their business exponentially and build stronger client relationships.

The courses provided by GBA work on practical considerations that are defined by the industry’s best and guides you to maximize returns and drive business growth.

With Grant Cardone’s exclusive sales secrets, businesses can escape the rut of their inability to achieve and sustain a consistent revenue-generating model. With sales training courses from Gaurav Bhagat Academy, participants will be guided by stalwarts in sales & entrepreneurship domains that will enable them to build grand successes and drive better growth.