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Here are the sales coaching tips that are effective for both in-person and remote teams

GAURAV BHAGAT, founder of Gaurav bhagat academy which is a sales training company, manages to address this head-on. He recommends asking reps about their wellbeing during weekly one-on-ones. “Questions like, ‘How did it go?’ and ‘What was it like?’ are good first steps. Then, you need to listen. Gaurav Bhagat suggests restating the main points to ensure you’re on the same page.

  • For sales coaching to work overall sales managers must earn the trust of the client. This allows individuals to be open about performance challenges they face. It also builds a two-way relationship with the client via shared experiences. The best way to start is by sharing personal and professional stories with each other.

  • When doing skill assessments – or just coaching during, it’s critical to have the salesperson self-evaluate. As a salesperson, you may self-assess one or two days a month. the goal is to encourage the salesperson should evaluate their performance and build self-improvement goals around these observations overall.

  •   For sales coaching to be effective in every way, you need to work with the representative to improve one area at a time instead of multiple areas altogether. With the former, you see the acute focus and measurable progress. With the latter, you end up having frustrated, stalled-out representatives pulled in too many directions.

  • Ask each one to have an action plan, to create an environment where a sales representative can think through focus and change, and help methods to achieve their goals. This plan should have achievable steps to the desired goal with a clear timeline.

  • Last but not the least, Successful sales coaching requires daily interaction with your team, ongoing training, and regular feedback. Follow the best practices above and you can help improve your sales representative’s performance.

  • Coaching is the key to driving sales performance.

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