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In a modern business environment where the market is changing continually, earning an advantage over the competition often comes from continuous learning and competitive abilities of sale staff. Moreover, B2B sales training is important for narrowing down the required skills for B2B arena and emphasize on effective sales training strategy that help not only but also. In this post, I want to address the five most typical cliches around B2B sales training but which often fail to constitute the essence of a successful sales deal.

1. Quantity Over Quality:

I bet most of you believe that sales people focus more on making calls rather than on the quality of their calls. The phrase “number of calls versus quality of interactions“ is used to illustrate this cliché. And yet efficiency doesn’t always result from the call volume being large. On the contrary, such quantity should be replaced by some quality of interactions. In fact, focusing solely on the number of calls may result in too much overload. Such a downside is that it may give way to the burnout and lack of individualism consequently hindering rapport building with the potential clients.

Unlike ordinary B2B salespeople who focus on the quantity of calls they make, professionals who achieve success in this field prioritize studying and learning leaders’ interests, habits, and challenges. By customizing your approach amid each client’s specific needs, you are delving into a niche market; this effectively is proving that you are willing to go an extra mile to bring value into your customers relationship which eventually will flower into a more meaningful and successful relationships.

2. Overemphasizing Aggressiveness:

The description of the list-minded sales person has been a history with aggressive and persistent behavior.This is a modified one, in contemporary B2B sales, we need a more sophisticated methodology. It would be a mistake to be overly assertive or harsh can have the result of pushing clients away and damaging your relationships.
A distinctive sales training which has been designed to provide for the development of a consultative and teamwork attitude would be ideal. Creating customer trust and forming positive relationship seems to be more effective than using brute sales methods. Pro B2B salesman who possesses the skill of listening, sympathy and adapting his approach depending on the individual needs of each customer is being successful.

  1. Ignoring Emotional Intelligence:

Often, it is technical competence and detailed information about products that are considered as the most important factors in B2B sales. This is a misunderstanding of emotional intelligence, which is decisive in B2B sales. Being able to manage as well as comprehend the feelings between the prospects being pitched and the fellow workers play a very important role in the whole sales ship of the professionals.

Sales training programs which are focused solely on emotional intelligence in their education may have problems with giving the employees what they need for their jobs which require them to build up relationships in the business sphere. Sellers must accept control of one’s foemotions, as well as being able to remanage those of others, which will promote excellent communication and conflict resolution, leading to successful sales closing.

  1. Glossing Over Continuous Learning:4. Glossing Over Continuous Learning:

In the wake of constant changes associated with sales, the use of sorry sales tactics can only lead to a fall behind. On the other hand, some corporations keep using the approach that learning only the basics with occasional updations is sufficient to remain successful.

Making the mind of continuous learning a part of oneself is a tool for the Sales Success in the B2B area. Sales personnel’s staying updated by the industry currents, emergent technologies and changing customer preferences is an aroma of their adaptability and competence to receive their clients with innovative solutions.

  1. Neglecting Team Collaboration:

An unsuccessful salesperson is now a person of the past with the spectacular development of interpersonal interaction. The combination of B2B sales success greatly depend upon the collective work done by the sales team. Failure to account for the role of teamwork in the system of sales may lead to unhappiness of the organization and to its decline.

In the context of current training in sales, the key focus not only on personal skills but also on the employees’ teamwork ability that should cover the different departments as well. Creating an ambiance of uniformity and trust among the sales unit can lay a foundation for more encompassing solutions for the clients and success of the entire company.


Providing high quality than quantity, accepting a consultative than aggressive manner, valuing the capacity to understand and relate with people, working towards continuous learning, and encouraging team collaborations are the main flanks to exercise excellence in business-to-business sales. However, by working on deconstruction of these clichés, sales professionals can be ahead of the curve and form lasting relations with the customers which will benefit both sides of the bar.


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