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Gaurav Bhagat Academy Presents 10X Sales Training Program In Hindi

For the first time, we at the Gaurav Bhagat Academy, are providing our best-selling 10X Sales Training Program in Hindi online.

More About Sales Training Program

  • This upcoming boot camp in Hindi will have a phenomenal impact on every attendee.
  • The content of this Boot Camp has made Grant Cardone and his clients billions of dollars and is being delivered and explained to you in Hindi by Gaurav Bhagat himself.
  • Our Goal at the 10X sales Boot camp is to provide you with the skillset, mindset, and tools that you need to dominate your market in sales.
  • We are licensed with the best in the business, Grant Cardone, World’s Number 1 Sales trainer and we will pass on his best insights and customized with our insights on the Indian market to you.
  • We have also been delivering this Bootcamp in an offline version at the Gaurav Bhagat Academy in the last 15 months and thousands have benefitted.

What will you learn


  • The sales mindset and why most people fail with sales.
  • The Importance of commitment.
  • Selling like Grant Cardone.
  • Professional vs Amateur.
  • Setting your sales goals.


  • The first 8 steps in the road to the sale.
  • Getting the sales attitude right.
  • The greeting done right.
  • Fact finding and how you can’t go in without it.
  • The importance of selection.
  • Sales presentations done correctly.
  • Trial closing, the service walk and the write up done right.


  • Negotiation and the 12 things that you need to use to win in negotiation.
  • The S.N.I.D.E theory in big-ticket selling.
  • The 6P Virtual sales superstar and why you need to master that.
  • Why is price just a myth and how do you overcome Price issues.
  • The rule of 3, is one of the most powerful concepts in sales.


  • Overcoming Objections like Grant Cardone.
  • Prospecting like a pro.
    Using the phone like no one else does.
  • The fortune is in the Follow-Up.
  • The 32 step follow up module and how you can use it in your business.
  • The First Rule of Selling.


  • Activation of your power base.
  • The 10X rule.
  • Massive action and its importance.
  • Building your sales and support teams like Grant Cardone.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Closers survival guide.
  • Bringing it all together and using the internet to get omnipresent.
  • Graduation Ceremony & next steps.

Coming Soon

Double your Sales in 60 Days. Learn Grant Cardone Biggest Sales Secrets.

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Benefits Of Attending Sales Training Program








Learn from global experts and get certified


Best Reasons to Choose Gaurav Bhagat for Corporate Sales Training Programs

You will get a proven professional & personal goal management system.

You get a structured path that you have to follow to sell.

A killer follow up system.

12 step road to the sale model that has made Billions of dollars for clients of this system.

Help you build an army of efficient sales people who can build your insurance & business empire.

Help you build trust and credibility so that your client not only wants to call you but refers you to his network all the time.

We work with some of the biggest companies

Meet Our Coach

Gaurav Bhagat or GB as he’s often called is India’s 10X Guy. He runs one of the country’s premier sales training and scaling institutions called the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. A solution finder who gets things done, he believes in simplifying things and carries the dual designation of Chief Simplification Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at the companies he runs. He comes in with a mindset to help, a mindset of value creation and helping others achieve more. If you seek a solution, he can put you on the path to finding it, without it being complex, tedious and time-consuming. He just sees the gaps and helps plug them. Sales has always been GB’s forte and he’s been selling since he was 6 and is trained by his mentor, the world’s best sales coach, Grant Cardone. GB is also Grant Cardone’s licensee in India and the only trainer in India authorized to teach sales the 10X Grant Cardone way and the content is specially optimized for Indian audiences by him.

GB’s mission is to take the 10X standard to the world and help companies make more sales along the way. His why is to help 1000 organizations add or create 100 crores in additional annual revenue and also help 900,000 working professionals live the 10X life by the 15th of May 2025.

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Some Interesting Facts about GB

  • GB is a part of Taki Moore’s Black Belt Program for million $ coaches.
  • He is getting licensed in Behavioral Design by BJ and Linda Fogg.
  • GB is also a part of Richard Dolan’s chosen 25 in his inaugural mastery program.
  • He has a keen interest in Golf.
  • GB loves playing Texas HOLDEM around the world.
  • GB will start the Karan Singh cancer foundation and have funded the treatment of 10 cancer patients simultaneously and consistently over the last 8 years. Contributions will come from his own businesses and his own money only. 13th of Feb 2025 is the date for hitting the 200 number.
  • GB went to the Lawrence school Sanawar and hence “Never Give In” is his motto.
  • The stock market is surely GB’s thing. He created the stock market board game when he was 16 and sold 50K games in under a year.
  • Gaurav is the Managing director at Consortium Gifts Pvt Ltd. GB started his company at the age of 19 as the sole employee over the years and he built one of India’s most respected and innovative gifting and promotional companies operating 7 offices and employing close to 100 people.
  • He is also a proud BNI member for 9 years and a director consultant for BNI Gurgaon. One of India’s most celebrated and awarded regions.
  • GB is also a Podcaster. He also created and published his Smashed, Bashed yet not Dashed 1st Podcast Series this 23rd August 2020. The episodes are available on Spotify, Stitcher and soon will be available on few more platforms.


The course commences at 6:30 PM on Wednesday the 15th of June 2021.

Yes, our team will be sharing the GST invoice with you.

Yes, you will get a pdf of course material and there will also be assignments that will be there in every session. WE are committed to giving you our best and getting the best out of you and your teams. Success is our duty.


You will join the GBA family and will always have access to knowledge resources, our community, and our learning management system. GB is always posting new learnings and new content and as part of the family, you will always get access to that.


While we recommend that you should attend every session for maximum impact. If you do miss a session you can always watch the recording of the same that we will give you access to on our Learning Management System.


You will learn all the things that are most important to get your sales to sky rocket in any environment, even the so called COVID recession. GB and GC have used these same principles of Fact finding, follow up, negotiations, prospecting, closing and more in more than 3 recessions and they have always worked brilliantly. You want to sign up for this course now. It is one of the best investments that you will ever make.


GB has trained thousands of people around the World and for best results he recommends that while you should definitely join yourself, you should bring your sales team with you. There is a lot that you will all take away and that is why we are offering bulk team discounts and many companies are bring 5+ people with them on the course.


You will be provided with a Program workbook, Learning Management System Access & a completion certificate. You of course get access to GB and the amazing community and that is just priceless.

We offer a host of payment options including credit card, debit card and net banking. We also offer PayPal for our International customers.

The course is over 5 weeks and every week we will have one session of 2 hours, followed by a Q&A session on the same call, where you get to ask GB anything pertaining to your business and he always answers every question.

1. Business owners looking to grow their companies and get ahead of their competition even in this environment. Those people that are looking for more customers and make their companies recession-proof.

2. Working professionals who want to live the 10X life, a life without limitations.

3. Graduating students who are looking to start out right and want to use sales to build an amazing career.

Each session will be a fully secured zoom meeting, where you will be able to see all the other participants and be able to interact with each other.