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  1. The sales mindset
  2. The four level of action
  3. The 10x Rule
  4. Mining your Power base
  5. The first rule of selling
  6. The power of attitude
  7. Why Price is a myth
  8. Massive action equals massive results




  1. Grant cardone’s Sales process
  2. Steps in the road to sale
  3. Handling Objections
  4. The power of presentations
  5. The theory of closing
  6. The facts of followup
  7. How to make millions on the phone
  8. Selling in the age of the internet
  9. Top Traits of the greatest sales people
  10. 50 ways to stay and keep your team motivated.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will there any course material?

You will receive a 100-page mindset manual on Day 1 and The Skillset manual on Day 2.

Do I have to attend both days or can I attend one day only?

Yes, both days are mandatory as DAY 1 covers the mindset and DAY 2 covers the skillset and tools.

Do I have the option of followup post the workshop?

Yes, The team is available to address your questions and queries and assist you in your journey.

Will there future sharing of best practices after the workshop

Yes, we will be creating closed Facebook groups of the participants and sharing best practices and success stories on that.

Do I get access to additional knowledge resources?

Yes, We will be sending the participants regular mails and additional learning modules.

Are the meals included?

Yes, Lunch is included on both days along with tea coffee and snacks at regular intervals.

What are the payment options?

Either online on the website using payu or by NEFT and cheques.

Will I get a GST Invoice?

Yes there will be GST invoices which will be shared by our team.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Business owners struggling with their cash flow
  • Startups looking to increase their topline
  • People who cant close deals fast enough
  • Companies with a low motivated sales team
  • Business owners who don’t have a structures follow up process
  • Business owners who want to make their company recession proof
  • Business owners struggling to find customers
  • Companies with a low motivated sales team
  • People who cant get past the gatekeeper
  • Business owners facing high attrition in the teams
  • People who struggle to get the right price for their products
  • Business owners seeking to manage their time like Grant Cardone.

At the end of this 2 day workshop, You will

  • Have a step by step roadmap on how you can increase your sale by 40% to 100% in a few months
  • Have the ultimate guide on not being bogged down on your customer’s price objections
  • Have the 12 step path to quicker sales and faster closures.
  • Have access to Grant Cardone’s secrets that helped him create a net worth of $300 million


The 2-day workshop will help you in

Business Owners

Increased sales between 40% to 100% under 6 months.

Sell Fast

Close a deal in a time frame which surprises everyone.

Motivated sales team

Create lower iteration and higher performance by the team.

Be more credible

Stand up way beyond your competitors and be the first choice of your customers.

Army of promoters

Create a power base of customers who become ardent promoters of you and your company.

Sell at your price

Learn how not to get bogged down on your customer’s price.

10X Sales Bootcamp

15,000+ 18% GST/ Per Person
  • 2 day workshop
  • Boot Camp Workbook
  • Trainer’s Manual eBook
  • LMS Access
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Meet Your Coach

Gaurav started his career in sales, founding the gifting company Consortium Gifts. In the last 19 years, Consortium Gifts has become one of the most respected and innovative companies in the business and in 2017, was invited to join the prestigious global gifting body IGC International, that chooses only one company per a country. An organization built purely on sales, Consortium Gifts has clients that include some of the biggest names in the world. Gaurav is on the Knowledge Management Committee of IGC International and is also a Director Consultant at Business Network International Gurgaon, one of the leading regions of the world’s largest networking group. He is an integral part of the training team where they bring in some of the largest contingents for BNI trainings in the world. Some of the training sessions have more than 300 business owners from the National Capital Region coming in to learn how to be more effective members, networkers, and business owners. Gaurav has met Grant Cardone on several occasions where they discussed bringing Grant’s content to India. This was finalized in July 2018, when Gaurav signed as the Indian licensee of Grant Cardone. Together they will bring the content that will change your lives and the destinies of your organizations, to your doorstep. The GBA aims to be Asia’s largest Sales Training and Business Mentorship Academy by May 15, 2025.

Gaurav Bhagat


Grant Cardone#1 SALES TRAINER


Mansi Gupta – Owner, Khaaja Chowk

This course is fantastic and extremely helpful. There was one line said that ” if its to be, it’s up to me.” and that is so powerful for a sales person to understand and that is what I learned from here today. Must do! Must see! Must here! and be here guys. Thank you

Maniraj Juneja – Amitoje India

Its a fantastic course. There is so much wisdom that he has accumulated over the years which has been crashed in this one course. I am excited to see how these things work out into the field. Thank you Gaurav for the fantastic experience and wish you all the best for GBA.  

Gaurav Shukla – CEO, AGS Logistic

This training about 10x sale was fantastic and it was an eye-opener and the massive affair is something that my key take away and i wish every salesman has a train of this kind because this can capable them to differently call together. Thank you

Reason Why to choose us

We at GBA, provide you the finest material on sales, that is best in the country today. The content that we bring has been co-curated by Grant Cardone, the World’s number one sales trainer and Gaurav personally. Along with the finest structured approach and methodology, we make the program industry agnostic and work on companies in both the product and services space.